Diagnostic errors, preventable effects, provider judgment lead to 250,000 deaths a year, research says Written by Lauren Turville A recent study completed by a team of medical professors at Johns Hopkins University suggests the human error should be recognized by the CDC as the third leading cause of death in […]

Written by Lauren Turville Although theme parks are meant to be enjoyable, we know it’s not always all fun and games.  Because taking your families can be stressful, here are 8 tips to ease the hectic chaos that is amusement parks. SHOP FOR DEALS Plan ahead and be on the […]

Written By Lauren Turville Research suggests that a new drug used to increase sexual desire in women may have more negative side effects than positive results. Just a year ago, in 2015, the FDA approved a drug called flibanseri, used to increase female sexual desire. Although taking this drug may […]

Leave basic behind Written by Lauren Turville These burpee alternatives will target muscles that standard burpees do not and hopefully add some variety to this dreaded exercise! Push-Up Jack Burpee Begin as if you are doing a normal burpee, but as you do your push up, spread your legs like […]

How to Manage Anxiety Written by Lauren Turville Every one of us experiences some level of anxiety in life due to stresses from work, school, personal life, trauma or finances. Anxiety for some is more severely experienced due to a mental condition leading to irrational phobias or panic over every […]