The Craze for Low-Fat Dairy May be Slimming Down By Sadie Wirthlin For years, people have been told to lose full-fat milk and to drink low fat or skim milk instead. Research has shown links between full-fat dairy, weight gain, and disease risks. BUT now those same researchers are pressing […]

Not Before Bed! Written by Sadie Wirthlin Snacking just before bed is a normal thing, but this is brought on more from boredom rather than hunger, according to nutrition expert Rene Ficek at Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating. Furthermore, nocturnal munching tends to be on more high-calorie snacks, like ice cream, […]

Does chocolate deserve guilt? Written by Sadie Wirthlin Chocolate is a smooth and delicious treat that has been pleasing people’s pallets for years! It covers ice cream in syrup, it puts the chip in chocolate chip cookies, and it is considered the ultimate dessert. It also tops the list of […]

Written by Sadie Wirthlin Juicing is a hot trend turning heads these days. Bottles of fruit and vegetable juices are promoted as having exceptional health benefits, including the misty term “detoxification,” and people are listening. We are a generation looking for the next best health option to help us lose […]