Flying is already stressful; here are some tips and tricks to make your first flight with baby easier! Written by Maureen Ferrin The day our plane tickets to Hawaii were finalized, I jumped so high I could have reached the clouds. I could already picture us lounging on the beach, […]

Recent surveys show that 6 out of 7 contact wearers report at least one behavior that puts them at risk for eye infection, be it anything from sleeping with lenses in, swimming with contacts, or not replacing lenses enough. This general disregard for eye health is cause for concern among […]

ESPN and Fox Sports Sideline Reporter Healthy Magazine (HM): College football, NBA, multiple networks, sideline NFL reporter… My first question is: how have you not gone insane? In other words, what advice do you have about juggling priorities? Olivia (O): When it comes to priorities, I layer my to-do lists. […]

Do Corporate Wellness Programs Live Up to the Hype?  Written by Caitlin Schille  Corporate wellness programs are all the rage. Companies like them for many reasons, including saving money on healthcare expenditures, increasing employee productivity, promoting good company culture, and attracting the best employees. As a result of Affordable Care Act (ACA) stipulations that encourage workplace wellness, […]

Written by Caitlin Schille Most of us can easily recall the days of childhood chores. Maybe your family had a chore chart or chore wheel. Maybe chores were used as a form of punishment—in my family, the threat of weeding the ivy growing over the rock wall in our backyard […]

Written by Angela Silva Happiness attracts happiness. Beauty attracts beauty. There is a very real, almost magnetic phenomenon in life that draws us toward goodness. Just think about it – we all know those people that we love being around, who just make us feel incredible and important. They make […]

It’s time to start thinking differently about happiness What makes a person happy is surprisingly elusive information. It’s often something we think we know, but in the end we realize our formula was incorrect. That formula is the life work of positive psychology expert Shawn Achor. He started thinking differently […]

“Some foods contain fewer calories than it takes to digest it.” Also called “negative calorie” foods, many mistakenly believe foods like celery, grapefruit, apples, and lettuce provide net calorie loss. This is not true. A stalk of celery, for example, provides 6 calories, but the body only uses a half […]