In one of Aesop’s more familiar fables, a proud town mouse visits a country mouse and scoffs at the simple food and housing. The town mouse brings his country mouse friend to experience the finer city living, but the country mouse is horrified to find that the fine life requires […]

Why You Shouldn’t Halfway Try to Do Things Written by Angela Silva If advances in technology are supposed to simplify our lives, why do we seem busier than ever? Perhaps we subconsciously fill in the gaps of time and energy when they appear with more activities, work, projects, or hobbies, […]

It may be legal, but it might not be safe Written by Caitlin Schille   Pregnancy can be accompanied by pain, nausea, anxiety and other symptoms, and some women find relief through marijuana, despite some red flags from research on the effects to the baby. A recent federal survey found […]

How to use free time well, and how people waste it Free time is a gift. And just like a gift of money, we can squander it, invest it or create something meaningful with it. Here’s some inspiration for how to best use your free time, whether the time was […]

It’s hard to have a good day without a good morning, and it’s hard to have a good morning without setting the stage the night before. Part of what makes mornings so hard is having a wave of responsibilities hit as soon as your eyelids open. The goal for the […]

February has us thinking about love and relationships, which got us thinking about terrible pick up lines that we’ve heard/experienced. Some truly make us want to vomit. It’s handy that I have my library card because I’m totally checking you out. Did it hurt? (did what hurt) When you fell […]

Written by Angela Silva Do your children ever struggle to focus on homework? Do they often get distracted when sitting for long periods of time? Do they ever seem to have trouble remembering things, or despite seeming to remember things they still performs poorly on tests? Parents who answered “yes” […]