Disney princesses and the flood of recent superheroes might be teaching our children lessons we don’t want them to learn. Researchers at Brigham Young University (BYU) recently completed a study which showed that 4–year–olds remember the aggression of superhero movies, but not the reasons behind the aggression. Furthermore, study authors […]

Written by Greg Marshall, Fiture Metamorphosis In today’s high paced world, stress is a serious problem that requires proactive steps to alleviate, so life can be lived at the highest level. What I want to do is share the best ways to work out to reduce stress. #1 Compound Exercises […]

Written by Bridget Edwards If you got laid off from your job, would you be sad or relieved? Sure, not having income is worrisome, but this is an important question to ask about something that takes up a tremendous amount of our lives. For most people, jobs provide a standard […]

How Many Articles of Clothing Do You Actually Wear On a Regular Basis? Clothes can make the morning more stressful, which is crazy because most of us love clothes. But sometimes we have to many, which is the root of the stress. Ladies, say you have 6 pants/skirts, 12 tops […]

Gucci Guilty Eau de toilette (for women) At first, the scent is feminine and floral, but subsides into a rich, amber base with notes of patchouli. $115 – 2.5 oz.   Pour homme (for men)  A charismatic, familiar and captivating scent. Ingredients include Italian lemon, crushed green leaves and pink […]

A new study confirms this is a real thing Written by Caitlin Schille  In the modern world, millions of people own smartphones. A smartphone not only takes phone calls and text messages, but it also has capabilities for email, GPS, and a myriad of other functions. As such, people have […]

Factoids NOV/DEC 2016 Pepto-Bismol For Travel Bugs Traveler’s diarrhea (TD) is a common issue, and one that can easily show up during holiday trips. It is caused by ingesting contaminated water or food, but it can also come about as a result of anxiety, allergies, fatigue, and dietary changes. There […]