Written by Allyson Gordon The job you work to support your family could actually take you away from them sooner than you would have ever thought possible. Your job could be killing you—literally. I’m not talking about the “it’s one of those weeks that never seems to end” type of […]

The founder of National Concussion Awareness Day talks about misconceptions surrounding concussions, and some hope for the future. Written by Brooke Mills, founder of National Concussion Awareness Day Two years ago, after struggling from Post-Concussion Syndrome, I founded National Concussion Awareness Day. In my journey I saw firsthand the lack […]

Written By Caitlin Schille Let’s take a walk back to junior high school and do a refresher course on herpes. Here are some facts about herpes: Is herpes a virus or a bacteria? Herpes is a virus. Viruses are smaller than bacteria and need a living host to survive- such […]

How rotten luck and multiple kidney stones made my diet better Written by Samantha Stahl The hospital smelled funny, but that wasn’t new information. To me, hospitals always smell weird. The walls in this room weren’t white; green and blue covered parts of the walls, making me think of the […]