Understanding Neurofibromatosis Type I, and How Occupational Therapy Can Help Written by Lily Ritvixay Neurofibromatosis is a very rare, genetic disease that affects < 200,000 people/year.  That includes children and adults. It is non-curable, however some treatment is available.  Most people are not aware of it, nor the implications it […]

ADD & ADHD are on the rise in the US. The question is, “Why?” By Taylor Smith | Healthy-Mag.com Many psychologists, researchers, and parents have fought hard over the last 50 years to raise awareness for ADHD as a legitimate psychological disorder. And now, thanks in part to their efforts and […]

The issues surrounding the billions raised to fight the deadly disease As Americans learn more about cancer charity organizations and nonprofits, they often aren’t happy with what they find. Big salaries, suspicious distribution of funds and lack of results cause some to close the wallet. The controversy isn’t unwarranted, but […]

Anxiety has a bad reputation. But it is your friend. Written by Mary C. Lamia, OH.D. Anxiety has a bad reputation and often people seek ways to get rid of it with medication, stress reduction exercises or warm baths. Sure, anxiety can be extreme and is often the culprit behind […]

The Simple Recipe for Good Health By Healthy Magazine “Chin up and back straight!” Sound familiar? The voice of your mother perhaps? Whether it was your mother or your aunt or your elementary school teacher, it’s probably a phrase you’ve heard before. I used to think it was just my […]

Why BMI should no longer be used to determine health status Written by Lauren Turville Body Mass Index (BMI), a ratio of a person’s height to weight, has long been a guide to determine an individual’s health status.  It is often used to know what health care costs should be, […]