Written By Caitlin Schille Let’s take a walk back to junior high school and do a refresher course on herpes. Here are some facts about herpes: Is herpes a virus or a bacteria? Herpes is a virus. Viruses are smaller than bacteria and need a living host to survive- such […]

Written by Maureen Ferrin I remember hearing stories about the wooden spoon hanging from the rear view mirror of our ’87 Chevy Caprice Station Wagon. As the stories go, mom never actually used the spoon for spanking, but it sure worked well as a threat for good behavior. Although my […]

Written by Krista Bowen Whether you are a first-time parent or you’ve been driving a minivan for years, pregnancy can be a stressful nine months. Luckily, technology is working hard to lend a hand through pregnancy apps that help you stay organized, happy, and healthy. But not every app fits […]

Flying is already stressful; here are some tips and tricks to make your first flight with baby easier! Written by Maureen Ferrin The day our plane tickets to Hawaii were finalized, I jumped so high I could have reached the clouds. I could already picture us lounging on the beach, […]