Written By Allyson Gordon | Healthy-Mag.com When it comes to your flower garden, there is more than meets the eye. Roses are more than simply beautiful, and dandelions are more than a obnoxious weed; they are also both nutritious and delicious. Dandelion: Before spraying the weed killer on these yellow beauties, […]

Written by Sadie Wirthlin  The topic of salt intake levels has been a talk of controversy for several years now. Studies have shown that Americans consume more than the 2,300 milligrams of salt recommended by the Dietary Guidelines, which can cause an increased risk of heart disease and stroke. Other […]

Not Before Bed! Written by Sadie Wirthlin Snacking just before bed is a normal thing, but this is brought on more from boredom rather than hunger, according to nutrition expert Rene Ficek at Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating. Furthermore, nocturnal munching tends to be on more high-calorie snacks, like ice cream, […]

Written by Sadie Wirthlin The FDA is making a change to all food labels. First lady Michelle Obama, who has been a leading figure in the movement, says that revisions will hopefully reach all labels in the next two to three years. Parts of the label that will be getting […]

Does chocolate deserve guilt? Written by Sadie Wirthlin Chocolate is a smooth and delicious treat that has been pleasing people’s pallets for years! It covers ice cream in syrup, it puts the chip in chocolate chip cookies, and it is considered the ultimate dessert. It also tops the list of […]

Written by Sadie Wirthlin Juicing is a hot trend turning heads these days. Bottles of fruit and vegetable juices are promoted as having exceptional health benefits, including the misty term “detoxification,” and people are listening. We are a generation looking for the next best health option to help us lose […]

What’s the story with milk? Is it healthy or harmful? Depends on who you ask. Written by John A. Anderson, Editor in Chief If you’re interested in a nutritional debate – talk milk. There are definitely two sides to that issue. The pro-milk campaign is featured prominently by the dairy […]

Research shows that Americans are consuming absurd amounts of food that provides little to nothing for our bodies—a.k.a empty calories In the era where “gluten-free” and “organic” are common terms, we seem more health conscious than ever before. But are we really giving our bodies what they need? A closer […]