97% of moms on Facebook post pictures of their kids. Are the privacy and security settings on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram enough to protect you and your children from predators or identity theft? We like to think so. With smartphones, it’s just second nature to snap a […]

Ways you can deal with common ailments at home Written by Caitlin Schille The use of home remedies, particularly herbal medicine, has grown in popularity in the United States—nearly one third of Americans use at-home treatments or herbs to treat various maladies. Wrongful deaths from prescription drugs, as seen commonly […]

Written by Michael Richardson Charles Whitman was a married, 25-year-old engineering student at the University of Texas, described as a “model citizen.” He was an Eagle Scout, and served as a Marine Sharpshooter. An early-age intelligence test showed he had an IQ of 139. In 1966 Charles went to a […]

Words In Marriage Dr. Gottman, a renowned marriage and relationship therapist, is able to predict divorce with startling accuracy. He does this using a “magic ratio” of positive to negative interactions. Negative: Arguing, criticism, sarcasm, whining Positive: Touching, smiling, paying compliments, laughing, sympathy As long as there are five times […]