Health and happiness are synonymous. Being in good health is the greatest indicator of people’s spiritual, mental, physical well-being, and happiness.  Medical researchers tell us that people are predisposed to inherit family diseases. When people think of health, though, the absence of disease comes to mind, but health entails more […]

Addiction is a disease much like diabetes or heart disease. It’s usually easy to remain friends with someone after they develop heart disease or diabetes, but the same cannot be said for friendships with addicts. As a friend to an addict, you’re torn. It’s impossible not to be. You love […]

Written by Stephen V. Faraone, PhD  You’ve heard all sorts of misinformation about Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), whether from friends, the internet, or uninformed press articles. “ADHD is not real.” “Pharmaceutical companies invented ADHD to make money.” “I’m just a little ADD.” “Natural solutions are the best for ADHD treatment.” ADHD in Adults—a Partnership between […]

The PMS Controversy Research shows there is no relationship between daily moods and changing hormone levels. But is PMS really no more than a cultural myth? Written by Healthy Magazine Staff During that time of the month, a woman’s mood is victim to fluctuating hormones…right? While it may be surprising […]