Awesome Exercises For A Pullup Bar

Body Rows

Find a bar about chest height. Grab the bar, palms down, and walk your feet well ahead of the bar, so you’re looking upward at about a 20-40 degree angle. Pull upward until your chest hist the bar, like a reverse pushup. When this becomes too easy, try it with one arm at a time.

Frontlever Raises

Hanging by your hands, bring your feet up as high as you can, and slowly lower them.

Alternating Cliffhanger Pullups

Standing perpendicular to the pull up bar, rather than parallel to it, grasp the bar and pull yourself up, bringing your head to one side of the bar. Lower yourself slowly and then raise your head to the other side.

Single Leg Raise

Hanging from the bar, raise a single leg perpendicular to your body, and repeat.

Leg Circles

Hanging from the bar, keeping your feet together and legs straight, raise your heels and complete a circle motion. Stop, and complete a circle motion the other way. If extending the legs is too difficult, bring your knees up and complete the circle motion.

Bar Crunches

From a hanging position, pull your legs up, curling your body, so your shins touch the bar. You should be mostly inverted at the end of the movement. Slowly lower yourself, and repeat.

Windshield Wipers

From a hanging position, and keeping your legs straight, raise your feet up to head level, and slowly move your feet in an arch shape in front of you.

Tucked Horizontal Rows

From a hanging position, bring your knees up and your body back, so you’re facing skyward in a tucked position. Remaining tucked, pull your body upward.


Always keep your shoulders flexed when hanging to avoid straining your shoulder joint.

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