5 Uncommon Ways to Reuse Common Household Items

Most of us end up throwing out more trash than we think. Even with recycling, there’s usually more we can be doing to cut down on our waste. With a little creativity, it can be easy to take common household items and find ways to reuse them. Here are just a few suggestions:

Old Dish Soap Bottles

Make pancake batter and put it in a (very) well-cleaned dish soap bottle. Not only does it give you perfect-sized pancakes but keeping leftover batter in the fridge is easy for breakfast tomorrow.

Paper Towel Rolls

Many of us keep a bunch of plastic bags from the grocery store; these bags always come in handy for garbage liners, muddy shoes and a million other things. But those bags are always stuffed under the sink and end up falling onto the ground. Instead, try stuffing those bags in a paper towel roll. Out of sight and out of the way.


Put charcoal in an open bowl or in a perforated bag to erase odors from closets and rooms. Don’t believe us? Just try it.

Aluminum Foil

Take a piece of aluminum foil, fold it a few times, and cut it with dull scissors to sharpen them. You’ll get double use out of your foil, and your scissors will have new life.


Rub along the teeth of stubborn zippers to smooth things up.

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