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“Doing what you love” shouldn’t be your expectation, it should be thought of as a privilege that requires a lot of work.

Some people mistakenly think that their dreams will end up coming to fruition, regardless of how much work they put in.

Success is built brick by brick, not all at once.

You don’t really become good at something unless you do it every day for a long time, and fail at it constantly. Most successful people have found a way to build successful habits; only a few get a lucky roll of the dice.

You’re never the best version of yourself.

Find contentment in your accomplishments, but don’t ever stop growing.

The easy road is actually the more difficult one.

Cutting corners to avoid effort and discomfort is a sure way to find yourself in a pile of regret one day. Jobs, relationships, fitness, they just won’t be where you want them to be.

Don’t waste time trying to fix other people’s flaws. Focus on your own.

Our instinct is to see flaws in others and think of all the ways they could improve. It just isn’t a worthwhile way to think.

Enjoying the journey is a learned skill.

Happiness isn’t always automatic, but you can help it come more often. Some people learn this skill more easily than others. Recognize that you can find joy in hard times, in struggle and in success.

Let love simmer.

Acting rashly in passionate feelings for another is often a mistake. Take a step back, and let your relationship find root.

Flaunting personal achievement is to reveal vulnerability.

You can generally tell if someone has found fulfillment in what they do, or if they have to prop themselves up on their past achievements to feel good.

The people around you influence who you are.

It sounds obvious, but so often we think we are impervious to outside influence, that we’re living our own lives in a bubble. The human experience is a social one.

Most are self-interested, but great rewards await those who are selfless.

We often get offended when we realize that other people really care about themselves first and foremost. But this is human nature. Ascending above human nature bears fruit.

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