Have We Gone Too Far?

Products that maybe shouldn’t exist


the-420-barWeed Chocolate:

“Hides the cannabis flavor” so you can enjoy taking your medicine even more? According to the Venice Cookie Company, the 4.20 bars are incredibly potent with 6-12 doses per bar depending on your tolerance. Just make sure you keep this candy away from the kids.

hoodieThe Tool Hoodie:

It’s not quite summer anymore but you still just wanna show off your abs. Andrew Christian has got the hoodie for you, and it now comes with a mesh back panel so you can show off your sexy shoulder tats. How will the girls be able to resist?

eyelidtrainerEyelid Trainer:

The newest fashion trend in sexy library glasses comes these eyelid trainers! Not sure how to wear them without poking an eye out, but they will ensure you get that double eyelid look for only 5 minutes a day.

stickbutterStick Type Butter:

A glue stick filled with butter, perfect for those who have gotten too lazy to use and wash butter knives. If you can stand eating something that came out of a glue stick, this product is the right one for you!

trainingwheelsheelsTraining Wheels Heels:

Finally something for the girls who break their ankles (or make others want to break their ankles) because they don’t know how to walk like a normal human. The only think is we aren’t sure if putting wheels on high heels makes it any more safe. Have fun in your high heelies at prom, ladies!

hotpantsSauna Hot Pants:

From the Health-Watchers of America comes a one size fits all contraption that helps you lose weight by giving you the most swass you’ve ever experienced.

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