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Written by Ryan Chase

150826_NewBalance_016-EditNew Balance


Finding shoes that fit runners with high arches can be just as hard as finding a shoes for runners lacking in arches. The New Balance Vazee has great traction and maintains its shape, giving high-arched runners comfort with that knowledge. The Vazee works in any weather conditions, however they tend to not be the best in hot environments. They are well-built, sturdy shoes that last a long time, maybe even an entire year for
people who don’t run an extreme amount of miles.

Pros: Light-weight, Sturdy

Con: Don’t breathe well

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Spyridon MR

Running with the barefoot experience that Vibram offers usually means sacrificing some of the pleasantries running shoes offer. However, with Vibram’s new running shoe lineup, that is not the case. The Spyridon MR is a great trail running shoe option with great protection and breathability while offering traction and responsiveness. They work well in almost any situation that requires feet. They can be used as running, hiking, and water shoes and thrive in any weather. The MR was specifically designed for mud runs, but like any other Vibram shoe, can be used for much more.

Pro: Versatile, Lots of traction

Con: Not great on ice


Bikila EVO

The best-liked running shoes are usually the brightest, and the Vibram Bikila EVO definitely turns heads. These shoes are a great running shoe for the street runner. They are lightweight and feel fantastic, but most of all, there are no sacrifices in speed that you would make with barefoot running. These shoes breathe really well, but I would suggest wearing socks with this shoe to avoid blistering. Overall, this shoe is great for running around, gym workouts, and casual walking. One thing is for sure: your friends will want a pair too.

Pro: Nice to look at, Flexible

Con: Can cause blisters


Pure Grit 4

If you are looking for a lightweight and sturdy trail shoe, look no further. The Brooks Pure Grit is a versatile trail shoe that handles all your running needs well. Traction on these shoes do well on trails and snow, but can be slippery on ice. Fortunately, the shoes work well with traction cleats, unlike other running shoes, so ice will not be an issue. Overall, this is a great option for the casual to enthusiast runner.

Pro: Light-weight trail shoe, Lots of traction

Con: A little too stiff

150826_Brooks_004-EditLaunch 2

When people begin running, shoes with a good bounce makes the new experience more enjoyable. More so, a bright shoe makes you want to wear them even more. The Brooks Launch helps old and new runners enjoy running more. Runners feel propelled forward while running in these shoes, making running feel faster and increasing the desire to run longer. Overall, these shoes are great for rejuvenating your running experience, and if these shoes work for you, you will love every run.

Pro: Good bounce, Nice grip

Con: Would not use on a trail

150826_Brooks_026-EditGhost 8

Many runners enjoy a shoe that provide versatility and comfort for a run; the Brooks Ghost provides just that. There is enough cushion to absorb the shock from street running, but it is also has enough traction for trail running as it protects your feet from rocks and uneven ground. Also, they are great for a gym workout as well. These shoes work wonderfully for any runner in need of a stiff shoe and arch support enough to do the job and last for a long time.

Pro: All-around shoe, Long-lasting

Con: Heavier


Torin 2.0

Barefoot running can be tough on your feet, especially when starting out. Fortunately, with the Altra Torin 2.0, runners get a cushioned barefoot experience, as the shoe is designed to replicate the foot’s natural movement and support. This shoe is perfect for running on pavement; your run on the hard cement will be similar to running barefoot on soft grass. With plenty of toe room, you are bound to enjoy your transition into barefoot running (if you so choose), but the experience is enjoyable enough, you may just stick with these shoes for a while.

Pro: Simulates barefoot running, Extra toe room

Con: Not aesthetically pleasing

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