Tripwires on the Journey to Success 

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What’s holding you back from a higher level you?

1. You focus on the injustice of everything.

Humans tend to make themselves the victim.

2. You’re content with things you don’t really like.

Your job is good enough, your waistline is okay and your diet habits aren’t bad. Reach the higher level you by ditching mediocrity.

3. You get lost in the infinity of things you could or should do.

It’s overwhelming to think about all the ways we could improve, or the things we could do to live a fuller life. Sometimes it’s so overwhelming that we do nothing at all.

4. You don’t say what you want to say.

Sometimes we feel the desire to communicate something from deep within us. It isn’t calculated or wrote, but something completely raw and natural. But we convince ourselves not to say it.

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