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3 networking guidelines for being a better part of the human family

Networking is good for a number of reasons. It allows you to be more ready for a variety of circumstances, it allows you to help others, it makes you more interesting and it can bring joy through connecting with other humans.

1. It’s Not Just a Business Thing

You have a 4-wheeler and he has a trailer. She bakes cakes and you know frosting. You have a garden and they have storage. When humans connect and see how they can help each other, the world becomes beautiful, and more joyful.

2. Don’t Connect Just For Personal Gain

People can tell if you’re just trying to get something from them. Be kind, be genuine, and offer what you have as you learn about their story. Networking is about building a team, not about blind ambition. True connection comes through listening, not just through talking.

3. Maintain Your Independence

Don’t get caught up in the web! Networking can get you integrated into a lot of different things, spreading you thin and pushing you from your real goals. Likewise, don’t push others into doing too much for you. Be sensitive to their needs, especially time, and you’ll maintain better relationships.

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