17 Ways to Refresh Your Life

Written by Angela Silva

1. Open the windows to get new air into the house.

2. Search for the most exotic warm drink you can find, and learn how to make it yourself.

3. Go to thrift stores hunting for items that add color to your living space.

4. Write a story, factual or fictional.

5. Change your social media profile pictures to something not lame.

6. Get an indoor plant.

7. Make a list of friends and family you haven’t talked to in a while. Call, email, Facebook, or text one person a day for a week.

8. Clean your car, inside and out.

9. Try a bath bomb (plop it in the tub with you to make bath time a DIY spa experience).

10. Walk around a downtown area without any definite plans. Find your new favorite shop or restaurant.

11. Write a journal entry.

12. Look up a charity and donate $10 right now.

13. Leave your phone at home.

14. Checkout some library books (or check out a library card, if that has to come first). If you’ve already done this, find a used book store in your area. We like thegreatestbooks.org whatshouldireadnext.com to find the next good read.

15. Complete a random act of kindness. Food, notes, rides and other simple things do wonders for everybody involved.

16. Find a new favorite musician. Tools to use: Spotify, Google Music Pitchfork, NPR Music, Soundcloud, Daytrotter, BIRP!.

17. Get a candle and light it in your house.

Michael Richardson

I have a talent for compelling and concise communication with years as a journalist and editor. I love diving into the root of issues and the backstories. I learned to love finding and telling stories as a journalist, and found fulfillment in being part of company stories as a marketer. As a brand communications manager, a learned that I value the larger perspective, and having broader ownership over the success of a brand.

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