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Personal Care

Savannah Bee Honey Lotion

We know there are a lot of lotions out there. This is one we recommend. Savannah Bee Honey Lotion is available in three scents: Lemongrass Spearmint, Orange Blossom, and Tupelo Honey, and also in an unscented version. All body lotions contain aloe vera, coconut oil and honey to nourish and hydrate your skin.


Gaffer & Child Facial Scrub

We’re always on the lookout for a better facial cleanser. Gaffer & Child use organic seeds (broccoli seeds, and poppy seeds), cane sugar, along with shea butter, jojoba oil, and bamboo extract to create a pleasing facial scrub that both cleans and seals in moisture.


Stadler Form OSKAR LITTLE Humidifier

This beautiful little piece of machinery efficiently hydrates your space. An antimicrobially-treated wick filters to release just the right amount of purified moisture. With a water level window and pocket door cleverly hidden on the side, Oskar Little is easy to refill with a glass of water or watering can, alleviating the common strain of fitting a bulky unit beneath a water faucet.


Food And Drink

Pereg Kañiwa – Baby Quinoa

This little grain goes by many names including kañiwa, quechua, cañahua, and baby quinoa (because it looks & tastes similar to its botanical relative: quinoa). It cooks up with a crunchy texture to make a nutrient rich, delicious breakfast or dinner.



All five varieties (Beet + Lemon + Ginger, Beet + Veggie, Beet + Tropical Fruit, Beet + Berry, and Beet + Cherry) are 100% non-GMO, U.S.D.A. Certified Organic, and Certified Fair Trade. The 100% juice blends contain no preservatives, additives, artificial colors, or flavors. And they taste awesome.

$3.99, health food, specialty, grocery, and kosher food markets

Vital Farms Eggs

Every single egg from Vital Farms comes from Certified Humane® pasture-raised hens, meaning the hens each get a minimum of 108 square feet of pasture to roam. The hens keep the pastures fertilized themselves, and regular rotation keeps the pastures healthy and covered in fresh grass, meaning no harmful chemicals are needed.

Available at Whole Foods, Target and Sprouts

Up Mountain Switchel Apple Cider Vinegar

These drinks combine apple cider vinegar, maple syrup, and ginger, along with some other delicious flavors, like lemon and cayenne. Their ginger root is brewed fresh and in large quantities unlike most beverages with ginger out there. We believe in the health benefits of ginger and apple cider vinegar, and we love that the sugar comes from mineral rich maple syrup.


RiceSelect Red Quinoa

We believe variety matters in what we eat. For those looking to change up their meals, red quinoa is a great choice. It has an earthy flavor and a chewy texture. It contains all 9 essential amino acids, and is a good source of folate, zinc, copper and an excellent source of phosphorous. Use it in a tomato, lime juice, avocado, cucumber and spinach salad.


Mazama Tumalo Hydration Pack

These packs are carefully designed to follow your movement, reduce torque and center the weight of the water. We found it to be a reliable, helpful and comfortable companion for outdoor adventures, be it hiking, skiing, or whatever.


Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Headphones

These headphones make music more of an experience, isolating the sound and accentuating base. And we found the battery life to be spectacular; we used the Crusher every day for two weeks without having to recharge.


GoPure Water Purification Pod

The pH level in average drinking water is often more acidic than is good for the human body.
This eco-friendly water purifier balances your tap water to the optimal pH level. All you have to do is drop it into any water carrier and it immediately starts purifying and enhancing tap water through it’s patented technology. The pod, which is about the size of a wine cork, also removes impurities, and is great for the environment. One Pod lasts for up to six months, and replaces 2,000 plastic water bottles.


AdventureUltra from myCharge

Tired of portable chargers that just give your phone a few more breaths? Designed to replace the heavy and bulky generators used when tailgating or camping, the AdventureUltra is a more streamlined power source option that can run a 42-inch television for up to three hours. It weighs 1.05 pounds and measures just 1.2 X 5.8 X 4.1 inches. The AdventureUltra has a maximum power output of 45 watts.



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