Kitchen Tricks to Make You Feel Like A Culinary Master

  • Turn soft shell tortillas into hard shell tacos by draping them over the lines of an oven rack, spraying with oil and baking for ten minutes at 375.


  • For toasted sandwiches, try putting two pieces of bread into the same toaster slot. The inside remains soft and the outside gets toasted, just like you want it.


  • Keep bananas fresh by putting Saran wrap around the stems.


  • Keep an avocado fresh longer by putting it in an airtight container with an onion.


  • When reheating food, create a circle in the middle of your food, if possible. This helps the microwave heat up the food much more quickly.


  • Garden party drinks attract bugs. Use cupcake liners to cover the drinks, and run straws through the cupcake liners.


  • Keep salad fresh for longer by placing a paper towel over the lettuce and then covering the lettuce with plastic wrap.


  • Clean your microwave by heating a mug of water in it for five minutes. You’ll find any food remains in the microwave become saturated and are easily cleaned.


  • Room temperature drinks can be cooled quickly by wrapping them in a wet paper towel and putting them in the freezer for ten minutes.


  • Tired of chopped foods always sticking to your knife? Lightly mist the blade with cooking spray before cutting.


  • Chopsticks don’t come naturally to some members of the family? Just remove the spring from a clothespin, and run both chopsticks through it. It’s like training wheels for chopsticks.


  • Keep potatoes from sprouting by placing them in a bag with an apple. Chewing gum while cutting onions can keep you from crying.


  • Peeling hardboiled eggs doesn’t have to be difficult. Put a teaspoon of baking soda in the water you boil with. After cooling, peel off small portions of the shell portions at either end. The shell still remains around the middle of the egg. Grip the egg, and blow on the narrow end’s hole, and the egg will pop out of its shell.


  • Instead of buying salad ingredients separately, go to your grocery store’s salad bar.

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