Ways to Use Deodorant Besides On Armpits

Deodorant’s Multiple Uses:

If you’re only using deodorant for one reason, you’re missing out! Here are a few different ways you can put your deodorant to good use:

  • Stinky Feet: Your armpits may not be the only place that smells. If your feet tend to get stinky and sweaty, rub a little deodorant on the bottom of your feet before putting on your shoes.

  • Sliding Glasses: If your glasses tend to slide down your nose, swipe a little deodorant on and avoid the fuss.

  • Sweaty Scalp: Having a bad hair day? Instead of hiding out with a hat, rub a little deodorant over the scalp and the deodorant will absorb the extra oil in your hair.

  • Sweat Stain: If it’s hot out you’re bound to drip a little sweat on your back. Avoid the back sweat stain/mark by rubbing deodorant on your back before getting dressed.

  • Jean Jump: Stop jumping and dancing into your jeans. Instead, roll some deodorant on your legs to make dressing quicker and easier.

  • Acne Fix: Deodorants with mineral salts or crystals might help dry out pimples and eliminate blackheads.

  • New Shoes. Hate breaking in shoes? Rub deodorant on the area of your foot that will rub the shoe. The deodorant with protect against bruising and bleeding.

  • T-Zone. Use your fingers to apply deodorant to the T-zone of your face (across forehead, down the nose and chin). Applying deodorant to the T-zone will help control the oil prone area.

  • Noisy Doors. To stop your door from squeaking, apply some spray-on deodorant on the hardware.

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