They Want Your Body… Language

Body language moves that will make a daily difference in your life

The Triple Nod

Great communicators help people know they are heard, and that their ideas are respected. Nodding three times as a person speaks to you will help them speak longer, and increase the level of trust between you.

Open Your Closed Body Language

Our prehistoric ancestors were probably prone to stand with their arms crossed, to protect vital organs. This may be the reason why many of us today stand in a closed body position, arms folded and shoulders hunched, when we are in a situation or conversation that we find uncomfortable. An open posture, with hands on the hips, or with active, gesturing hands during conversation, can change the tone of a conversation, and change how people view you.

Take Up Space

The more space you take up, the more powerful you’re perceived, and the more powerful you’ll feel. When you put your shoulders back, and have your arms away from your body, your look bigger, and research suggests that you actually feel more powerful and less stressed. You can also take up space by widening your stance, using gestures, and by firmly planting your feet.

Don’t Touch Your Phone

Taking out a smartphone when nervous generally does two things: it closes body language and makes a person look smaller, which are body language no-nos. If you must use your phone, hold it away from your body, and be mindful of posture.


Bonus Tip About Speaking: Don’t say it like a question if it’s not a question

When we end a sentence by going up in pitch, that indicates a question. But sometimes, when we are scared of imposing, or are timid with an idea, we verbalize that idea with that same upward pitch. This communicates lack of confidence in you and your idea, and will not get your ideas the respect you want them to have.

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