Contention tied to earlier death Written by Karli Moats | It is safe to say that one of America’s favorite hobbies is observing others in conflict. You turn on the TV to find shows splurging with reality, drama, and our favorite—the confrontation. Everywhere you look you find media broadcasting fights, […]

A Lemon a Day Keeps the Beautician, Doctor, & Weight-Reducing Programs Away Written by Rebekah McClure – Healthy Magazines I want you to stop reading this right now. Good. Now…think. Think of the last time that you got a compliment. I’m not talking about something you were wearing, like “Rachel, […]

Study Shows Why It’s Hard To Keep Weight Off For years, studies of obesity have found that soon after fat people lost weight, their metabolism slowed and they experienced hormonal changes that increased their appetites. Scientists hypothesized that these biological changes could explain why most obese dieters quickly gained back […]

Deciphering the “Introvert” Label The labels of “introvert” and “extrovert” are tossed around quite freely these days, but pinning either title on someone is often a shallow observation based on limited understanding. Ideas propagated by internet “experts” have led many to believe that an extrovert is someone who likes parties […]

Grown-ups are staying inside the lines to find some helpful distraction Written by Angela Silva You need to unwind; work is stressing you out. But you’re too exhausted to exercise. You’d feel guilty binge-watching another series on Netflix. You’re trying to be healthier, so eating junk is out. You don’t […]

How you might not be as reasonable as you think. Written by Caitlin Schille As humans, we like to think we’ve got it all figured out. We are evolved, we are logical, and we invent new technology and make new scientific discoveries. However, despite the many achievements of the human […]

Research shows that Americans are consuming absurd amounts of food that provides little to nothing for our bodies—a.k.a empty calories In the era where “gluten-free” and “organic” are common terms, we seem more health conscious than ever before. But are we really giving our bodies what they need? A closer […]