Written by Brenna Houck – Eater.com It’s generally accepted that fast food isn’t particularly healthy, but a new study out this week suggests that people who consume more fast food may also be ingesting potentially harmful chemicals. According to Bloomberg, the research provides evidence that fast food is a major source of a […]

Written by Taylor Smith | Healthy-Mag.com Weight loss pills—we dismiss them out of hand, largely because we think they’re too good to be true. If there were some magic pill that could help us lose weight, obesity wouldn’t be a worldwide epidemic projected to be the number one cause of […]

Asthma is often thought of as a condition that mainly affects children, like chicken pox. While many people first develop asthma during childhood, the signs and symptoms of asthma can actually pop up at any point during your life. Symptoms can appear at age 50, 60, or even higher, and […]

Understanding Neurofibromatosis Type I, and How Occupational Therapy Can Help Written by Lily Ritvixay Neurofibromatosis is a very rare, genetic disease that affects < 200,000 people/year.  That includes children and adults. It is non-curable, however some treatment is available.  Most people are not aware of it, nor the implications it […]

ADD & ADHD are on the rise in the US. The question is, “Why?” By Taylor Smith | Healthy-Mag.com Many psychologists, researchers, and parents have fought hard over the last 50 years to raise awareness for ADHD as a legitimate psychological disorder. And now, thanks in part to their efforts and […]

5 Gym Related Myths That Need Busting Written by Greg Marshall, The Gym at City Creek, Salt Lake City Getting in shape is hard enough without making things harder for ourselves by buying into certain fitness myths. Many of these myths revolve around the gym. We often psyche ourselves out with […]

Written by John A. Anderson – Editor in Chief We tend to accumulate a lot of unnecessary stuff over time.  Toss it, already! John Mayer’s song ‘1983’ is awesome for a few reasons, but the end lyrics are thought provoking: “Whatever happened to my lunchbox? When came the day that […]

Anxiety has a bad reputation. But it is your friend. Written by Mary C. Lamia, OH.D. Anxiety has a bad reputation and often people seek ways to get rid of it with medication, stress reduction exercises or warm baths. Sure, anxiety can be extreme and is often the culprit behind […]